Of Spiders and Flies

20th June 2007 by Brett Thomas

Patent law is a funny thing - particularly when it sets the scene for epic David vs. Goliath battles... but is there more behind the scenes? Brett Thomas takes a look at some of the reasons behind what could be the biggest scandal in a while - and why gamers should feel cheated.

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D-EFI-nitely Maybe

9th June 2007 by Brett Thomas

A lot has changed over 26 years - so why hasn't the way our computers boot? Brett Thomas takes a look at motherboards, Microsoft and transportation in the future as he questions the continued presence of the BIOS.

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OMG! Smack-talk, n00b!

2nd June 2007 by Joe Martin

Joe Martin has a think about the culture of smack-talk and it's place in gaming as whole, complete with embarrassing stories from his past.

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Loving games to death

5th May 2007 by Joe Martin

New bit-tech Staff Writer, Joe Martin, introduces himself and talks about the problems fanboys pose in our industry.

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bit-tech: The Next Generation

6th April 2007 by Tim Smalley

In the wake of Wil's departure, there have been some changes to the cast and crew behind bit-tech in recent months. Tim Smalley talks about the changes you're going to see in the next chapter of bit-tech's success.

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A porting shot

25th Oct. 2006 by Brett Thomas

Not many people are thrilled with the Lik-Sang closure. But what do imports really do to business? Brett Thomas goes behind the bruised feelings and resentment to look at the real issue - do imports actually hurt anyone? And why would Sony want to close them down?

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Every Possible Advantage

10th Nov. 2005 by Chris Caines

They say cheaters never prosper, but we all know that's complete bunk. In fact, if it wasn't for cheating I'd probably have stopped playing games a long time ago.

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Fedora up with Windows

7th Oct. 2005 by Chris Caines

Whilst I dodge and weave abuse from my Mac-loving colleagues, I delve into a world without Windows and wonder if I really can break out of the monotony of the Microsoft monopoly.

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Convergence? Bah!

7th Sept. 2005 by Wil Harris

It's all very well saying how in the future, lots of different types of devices and functionality will all start to merge together. But do we really understand the drivers for these trends - do we really understand the problems that people have?

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How the Xbox 360 affects PC gamers

13th May 2005 by Wil Harris

In today's column, I examine how the technology behind the newly-announced Xbox 360 - the processor, graphics unit and system architecture - could have an impact on the PCs that we enthusiasts see on our desktops over the next couple of years.

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Asus TUF Gaming K7 Optical-Mech Keyboard Review

May 15 2020 | 11:00