Army of Two movie in the making

Written by Joe Martin

October 24, 2008 | 10:59

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EA has reportedly licensed the writer of The Bourne Ultimatum to make a film based on the co-op shooter Army of Two according to Variety magazine.

Scott Z. Burns, who was also apparently attached to make the Halo movie, apparently approached EA Montreal and expressed an interest in making a film based on the game. Electronic Arts quickly agreed, signed itself on as a producer to the project, and the film is now in pre-production.

"The ambiguity of these private military corporations lends weight to an intelligent thriller with relevance to what's going on in the world right now," said Burns in an interview where he discussed the plot of the game.

"You have contractors with their own agendas, and two guys whose friendship supersedes all the politics," he added.

Burns is an odd choice to write the film though, as he was for the Halo film too. Speaking about the movie adaptation, he admitted straight away that he wasn't a gamer, though that may actually helped him land the deal.

"I told EA right off the bat I wasn't a gamer, and that appealed to them because they didn't want to simply replicate the game," he said.

If you're not familiar with the plot of the game, or you're just interested in some pretty-good co-op action then you can check out our full Army of Two review for more info. Then, let us know what you think of the game and the prospect of a movie in the forums.
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