Xbox 360 modding mania

Written by Brett Thomas

September 8, 2006 | 15:21

Tags: #xbox-360

The XBox 360 hasn't even celebrated its one-year birthday, but it has already undergone the biggest rite of passage for a system - it has been made part of the modding scene. Well, maybe that's not the biggest rite, but it is to us...

It seems that since shortly after the launch in November of 2005, every man and his dog has started to tear into the white, curvy exterior to personalize it. Which brings us to the ultimate question....what can you do to a 360? The answer is - mostly everything you can do to a computer. Only this one sits in your living room, making it an ultimate showpiece.

The first ever modded 360 was no small undertaking, with a sizzling blue paint job and top window. Things have really grown from there - now, one can find lights, watercooling, and even picturesque battlescapes. Pretty much every part of the device has found some level of alteration, even the controllers.

There are a lot of great mods to look at nowadays, including some really eye-catching ones. Cybernotes drummed up a list of their favorite ten by trolling the forums at and We've included a couple teasers of their choices below.

Have you got the urge to mod yours? Like what these guys have done so far? Tell us your thoughts in our forums. Or even better yet, start your own project log here.

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