Oh, baby...mmm, unwrap that box.

Written by Brett Thomas

December 11, 2006 | 17:21

Tags: #unboxing

From our WTF? Department...

A new form of internet "porn" is sweeping the world, and much like any other fetish, it has many other people confused. Videos are sprouting up across YouTube, Google Video and other sites detailing the literal geeky wet-dream: unboxing.

According to The Register, more than 73,000 viewers witnessed a man open a PS3 box on YouTube since November 11th. A further search has detailed many other videos, each involving a person unboxing his (or, in rare cases, her) new merchandise. Some of the most popular brands include the likes of Nintendo, Sony, and Palm.

The craze is getting to be large enough that it even has two websites devoted to it. First, there's unbox.it, a blog-style site that tracks down various unboxing videos. Then, there's unboxing.com, which takes on more of a full news-style site and carries the tag-line "Vicarious thrills from opening new gear. Share in the unboxing ceremony!"

It just goes to show that you can find just about anything on the net nowadays. Though all of this sounds a little to the left (ok, maybe more than a little) of "completely strange," we're betting it's just a harmless fad. After all, would you really get excited over watching a dude unwrap his Wii?

Better yet, don't answer that. But you can talk about unboxing (in all of its glory) in our forums if you'd like. Just please keep it clean.
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