OCZ unveils lightning fast PCI-E x8 SSD RAID

March 5, 2009 | 12:48

Tags: #cebit-2009 #pci-express #raid #ssd #summit #vertex #x8

Companies: #ocz

CeBIT 09: The Z-Drive from OCZ has four Vertex drives RAID’ed up in a terabyte of data storage and piped through a PCI-Express x8 controller to provide enough bandwidth.

With a rated 600MB/s write and 500MB/s read, although in some benchmarks it noses over 800MB/s, it’s currently faster than anything else on the market, bar some of the most extreme SAS or Fibre arrays. Incredibly though, it takes only a fraction of the power and produces none of the noise that competitors do.

It’s a mammoth bit of enterprise kit and, should OCZ guarantee the reliability, we can see it doing well in very high performance, low space and low heat solutions for workstations and servers.

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