Maximum coverage with rotating external antenna

June 16, 2010 | 10:59

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The new WL-356 Wireless USB Adapter 300N with an external antenna is equipped with a rotating connector which offers the user the freedom to place the device in the right position for optimal coverage.

Rotterdam (the Netherlands), June 2010 - Sitecom expands the Pure E-motion | X-series line with the WL-356 Wireless USB Adapter which is equipped with an external antenna which has a rotating connector. The 802.11n USB Adapter offers optimal flexibility since the rotating connector enables the user to choose the right position of the external antenna for optimal coverage. By simply plugging the Wireless USB Adapter 300N X2 into the USB port of a desktop PC or notebook, the user will be able to connect a computer to any wireless network. The device guarantees not only superb performance, but as well less “dead spots” and therefore it is an ideal solution for places where the signal is weak.

RRP 34,99 GBP

In combination with a 300N router, the WL-356 Wireless USB Adapter 300N can communicate with other PCs or peripherals at an extremely high throughout speed up to 300 Mbps and over far greater ranges. Thanks to the 802.11n technology the WL-356 is ideal for streaming media audio and video, online gaming, sharing files and internet calling.

The integrated “One-Push Setup” technology makes it possible to create a secure wireless connection with just the push of a button. By pressing the OPS hard button on the router and then on the WL-356 which is inserted in a desktop PC or notebook, the connection will be automatically established without the installation of any complicated software, including security according to the latest WPA2 standard.

The WL-356 Wireless USB Adapter 300N is now available and is accompanied by Sitecom’s 10 year warranty.

About Sitecom

Sitecom is one of EMEA's leading and fastest growing brands for home networking and connectivity solutions. Sitecom makes no concessions to quality, performance, design and, in particular, user-friendliness. Simplicity is what Sitecom is all about. The Sitecom brand has a clear mission statement: to convert technical products into solutions which users can use immediately without any problems.

The company was established in 1998 and its head office is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. With 65 employees working in offices in six different countries, Sitecom is active in 18 countries in EMEA. Sitecom offers 200 innovative products, network solutions and computer accessories for use in the home and by small businesses. For more information about Sitecom, please visit
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